What are bridging loans? Bridging loans are mainly used to borrow money for shorter time duration. Primarily used by individuals who want to purchase real estate. The example in this regard is to ensure that finance is arranged in order to facilitate a purchase in the case where the individual is short of funds. Bridging […]

The complete guide to bridging Loans for Auction Properties

When purchasing a property at auction, one of the top ways to buy is through a bridging loan if you do not have the cash immediately available for the purchase. Auction purchases require funding fast, typically within 28 days of offer acceptance.  Bridging finance for auctions helps bridge the gap until a long-term traditional mortgage […]

Getting to Grips With The Fees and Costs of a Bridging Loan

Fast bridging loans are becoming quite popular now and can be extremely useful for consumers, making buying a home or property investment much more accessible and forgoing the usual delays of traditional loan processing.  With that said, it is essential to know all of the fees and costs involved when obtaining a bridging loan before the […]

Bridging Loans for Auction, House Purchase and Renovations

When you are short on funds but want, or need, to purchase a home right away, or need to complete property renovations, a bridging loan might be an excellent option for you instead of trying to get a conventional mortgage or another type of loan immediately for the home purchase or home renovations desired.  A […]